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Before and After – Individual Brow Extensions

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There are many ways of enhancing your eyebrows, from shaping with various hair removal methods, tinting to darken the colour, and using make-up to add definition. Eyebrows have the ability to drastically change the face. Making sure you have the correct shaped eyebrows for you face shape is crucial. Different brow styles suit different facial profiles.

Eyebrow extensions move onto the next level and use medically approved glue to attach single imitation eyebrow hairs, to skin and hair, to add realistic thickness, shape and definition to eyebrows.

Eyebrow Extensions for sparse brows

Eyebrow Extensions for sparse brows

Who Will Benefit from Eyebrow Extensions?

Men and women alike can achieve vastly improved brows with this treatment. Trends in eyebrow shapes change all the time, it can be difficult to achieve the latest look if you just don’t have the growth required to attain the shape you desire.

Many women suffer from damaged eyebrows or eyebrow loss due to:
  • over-plucking/waxing through the years
  • scars/scar tissue
  • medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, alopecia, or trichotillomania
  • treatments such as chemotherapy which can cause hair loss
  • hormone imbalances
  • mineral deficiencies
  • menopause
  • ageing

Eyebrow extensions are perfect for bald patches, scar tissue, scarred, uneven or sparse brows. These brow extensions can supplement the MyBrows treatment or be a treatment on their own.

Brows will be tinted initially to make the most of the hair already present then individual hairs are placed on the brow area and this together with the perfect colour match gives the realistic look of a natural brow. The brow can be completely reshaped  to achieve the desired look. This is a painstakingly intricate treatment that involves individual eyebrow hairs being glued on to your existing brow hairs to add fullness, shape and definition.

If you would like to know more or to come in for a consultation please contact me using the form below or call and leave a message.

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Eyevbrow Extensions Aftercare

Eyebrow Extensions Aftercare

• Sun lotions and anti-ageing creams can adversely affect retention. Instead opt for mineral make up with a high SPF as this will still give protection from harmful rays without affecting your brows longevity.
• Without exception to steer clear of baby wipes and make up wipes! Just ‘avoiding the eye area’ isn’t good enough. Most contain oils and will weaken the bond.
• Avoid any oil based make up removers or skin treatments.
• If you have naturally oily skin then using blotting paper over the eye area will help.
• Do not pull your brows out, as this may result in temporary baldness. Please revisit the salon for correct removal
• During the first 24hrs the bond is very weak. The adhesive dries almost instantly but it takes time to cure completely
• Keep dry for the first 24hrs preferably 48. Please wash your hair/shower before the treatment and keep them as dry as possible to enable the adhesive to fully cure.
• Avoid saunas, steam rooms, very hot baths or showers and swimming pools for at least 24 but preferably 48hrs.
• Heat – Along with very hot baths & showers there’s lots of other daily sources of heat that can affect the brows – holding a lighter too close, smoking, bonfires etc, please be wary.
• Ovens – step back, open the oven and allow the heat to escape before bending down.
• Hair dryers – Make sure it’s held over your hair and not blowing heat into your face
• Finally…leave them alone! Don’t fiddle with them or keep touching them. Not only does the movement loosen the bond but also our fingers are full of natural oils! The basic rule is: ‘the less you touch them, the longer they will last’.

Once the brows have settled (after a few days) it’s important to keep them clean. Using a foam pump bottle, dispense some foam cleanser (baby shampoo will do) and pat over the brows then splash with clean cool water to remove all traces of cleanser. Use a soft disposable mascara spool to GENTLY brush over the brows to make them neat again and to remove any loose or unruly extensions. You must wash the wand in between every use. Your brows may only last a few days but if you follow all the advice given you can expect them to be looking fab right up to the maintenance appointment in 2 weeks.

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