It’s Halloween, soon be Christmas! Time to think about some Christmas Nail Art Swatches and designs.

I’m still working on the website, assembling images and getting things together. I’ve had a major sort out of my laptop and I can see the light finally!

I have 2 more eyebrow extension models in next week, can’t wait to get started on adding this to my eye treatments. Eyebrow extensions will be an add on treatment geared specifically towards clients who may have sparse brows through overplucking or those with alopecia. I’m still trialling the longevity of these brows, so for the moment if you’d like to try a few, give me a call.


Gelish at Mole End

Halloween-lashes and nails spooky image

Halloween Treatments

Halloween and Fireworks Nail designs. The Day of the Dead nails were requested by my client inspired by a picture she had from Pinterest. The foils are always popular and lend themselves beautifully to fireworks designs. I’ve used Shellac with CND Additives previously but they are always popular and look amazing in the flesh, the light catches the shimmer.


Foils with Firework details

Foils with Fireworks bursts

Foils with Fireworks bursts

Day of The Dead Nails

Day of The Dead Nails

Fireworks-additives shellac nails

Shellac Firework Nails

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