Just a Quick Post – Nails

I’m still madly catching up on everything, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, then suddenly my To Do List gets longer and longer! The websites are all just about sorted now. That’s it, I’m retiring from web design! No more HTML for me.

Self Employed

The Value of Independence

It’s been so hectic lately that my 1 year anniversary of working in my own studio slipped by! It’s been an amazing year and a real eye opener! Thank you to all who have supported me, it’s highly appreciated! Although Mole End Design has been around for years for my Graphic Design and Website work, it’s been migrating more and more towards my nails, lashes and brow business, now with waxing and spray tanning. The studio is now fully functional. Before October 2014 I did the odd set of nails, brows or lashes from home while working freelance elsewhere. It is now a fully stocked bespoke studio, away from the hustle and bustle of town life and fully private. it makes a real difference having everything I need under one roof, and if I feel inspiration coming on, I just pop into the studio and with the tools and accessories to hand, I can create instantly. It was the push I needed!

I’m petsitting inbetween clients for the rest of the month with my trusty sidekick stepping in to sit with the dogs while I work, racing back and forth. Hopefully I will get time to catch up on all my admin while I’m away from home without the distractions of glitter and polish tempting me to play!

More blogs coming soon… ‘I Painted a Cake’, ‘Seasonal Offers’ ‘Christmas Designs’…

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