Mybrows Highly Defined EyebrowsEyebrow Aftercare

MyBrows Highly Defined EyebrowsMyBrows Highly Defined Eyebrows

MyBrows advanced brow definition allows therapists to create beautifully shaped and highly defined eyebrows. Using a combination of threading, waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting/bleaching and defining with make up, we can create a look individually tailored to you. I can create 10 eyebrow colour variations using dense pigment tint colours, I can also lighten the eyebrows and even have a colour such as red or chocolate brown to match your hair if you wish. The procedure is completed by using mineral make up foundation around the brows and using the brow palette to further define if needed.

mybrows eyebrows blonde hairHaving a MyBrows treatment is an experience not to be missed! We will discuss your preferences and tailor a bespoke treatment just for you at your initial consultation. This is an unhurried treatment, the results being a happy client, confident in her newly defined brows. Aftercare and follow on maintenance will be discussed to ensure your brows are maintained at their optimum.

An eyebrow shape will be chosen which suits your face shape, suits the natural growth of the eyebrows, emphasises your eyes, complements or corrects the natural brow shape and does not expose skin imperfections.

Mybrowsz Eyebrow Treatment

Mybrows Eyebrow Treatment – Before and After

The MyBrows Procedure

  • Thorough cleanse of the eye area with gentle eye cleanser.
  • Apply suitable tint or bleach for the clients’ requirements. Brows can be shaded with a range of 10 colours.
  • Using a special brush, brush the brows into shape and trim any long hairs.
  • Warm wax to remove the bulk of the unwanted hairs, if applicable.
  • Threading to fine tune the shape and ensure laser sharp lines. A combination of wax and threading may be used.
  • Tweezing any stray hairs we find after further brushing then rechecking the shape.
  • Mineral powder can be used to camouflage any temporary redness around the eyebrow, then using mineral brow palette, final definition of the brow, filling in any sparse areas to give a more defined look. This can also aid the look if the brows have been overplucked in the past until the brow has been trained back to full growth.
Love my new brows & beautiful nails.. Thank you Jazz C

Eyebrow Definition for Men

Male Brow Grooming

Male Brow Grooming

Men are spending more and more time refining their grooming habits, and having properly shaped eyebrows has become a necessary skill. Whether you’re looking to control those few wild hairs that become more common as you grow older, or just finally do something about your unibrow, we can easily shape your eyebrows for a cleaner, more uniform look.

Increasing numbers of men of all ages are shaping their bushy brows whether they admit to it or not. Having the brows shaped will define the face.

I can provide you a basic shape for you to keep up with tweezers, or you may prefer to return to us for maintenance visits. So whether you choose a professional update or a home job with a steady hand and a magnifying mirror, seizing control of your stragglers can reshape your whole face.

Tips on male brow grooming.

AFTERCARE – For the next 24 hours:


  • Rub eyebrows or around eyebrow area. Avoid excessive touching of the eyebrow hair, as any chemical process will have weakened the hair slightly. After the initial 24 hours the hair will be much stronger.
  • Use steam or sauna
  • Apply any make up to the eyebrow area
  • Use hot water – use only tepid water on areas treated
  • Apply perfumed products over treated areas
  • Apply tanning products to the treated area
  • Use tanning beds and avoid sunbathing


  • Comb or brush each morning in the direction of hair growth, never against it
  • Use a brow gel to tame unruly brows and retain the shape
  • Use lash palette for a more defined look or to fill in any sparse areas or gaps
  • Visit Mole End Design every 4-6 weeks to maintain your gorgeous new eyebrows.

Please be gentle with the eye area at all times

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