Christmas Nail Designs

I finally managed to get down to some new Christmas designs. I’m not doing ‘cute’ and definitely no minions! I have a list a mile long of other Things To Do, as I cross one off  I seem to  add another. I still need to finish this site, get a price list sorted and move forward.  On a plus side I have organised all my stationery, client record cards, storage and all Christmas cards are written.

no limits to achieve

Easily sidetracked

I’ve had a few days home alone (he was in Malaga!) and had a great time prancing about in a tidy house – apart from my studio which ended up in a glittery pigmented mess! Susie has asked for Robins on her nails for her Christmas appointment so I had a play with them too. This time she had holly details on ring fingers.

shellac with holly

Shellac polish with Holly

shellac holly hot chillis nails

Shellac Hot Chillies with Holly for the Festive Season












I created an advent calendar last year with different nail art each day. Looking back is interesting but I have to move forward! These are the swatches for this year. Below these are some previously designed swatches I painted for 2013.


Handpainted robins at clients request


robins on nails

Handpainted robin redbreasts


Nail swatches Christmas 2014


Purple hues

frosty hued nails

Cool frosty hues


Dark sequined selection




Christmas Reds

These are a few designs from last year. All handpainted no stamping!

bows on nails

Sheallac with Gellish sparkle and handpainted bow

Christmas present swatches

Christmas present swatches


Same swatches different setting

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