Change The Game – TNG Stage 2 Course with Kirsty Meakin

I’ve just completed the That Nail Girl Stage 2 Change The Game Course with Kirsty Meakin. What a brilliant teacher and a lovely lady.

I’ve been booked on this course since December and we’ve all been so excited to attend. We are the first group to train with Kirsty and we were all so in awe of her amazing talents. Having watched her videos on youtube (Chesterfield Cushion design here) we had an idea what to expect but we just didn’t realise how much she knows. There are over 380 videos on there, go subscribe.

TNG Stage 2 Certificate

My Certificate


5 intense days in which she kept us back til 8pm most nights. Fab week and met some lovely ladies from all around the country, all of us are determined to return. Kirsty is amazing and helped by her Brilliant efficient PA Jode Taylor we had a great week. Lot’s of work and lots of play too.


The recurring advert… again and again!

Great set up and so much glitter around us, like a nail tech’s heaven. This ad will forever remind me of my week in Stoke!

I went to the course not very keen on acrylics and not expecting much but I am inspired now… who wants acrylics? Long ones, short ones, detailed ones…  Come on, let me loose on your nails!


Almond, edge and square

First day, Almond, Edge and square nails

Blue glitter fade acrylic

Blue glitter fade acrylic


My C Curve


Colour drops in the acrylic with glitter and painted filigree

Colour drops in the acrylic with glitter and painted filigree

Cut out, mylar inlay and 3d bow

Cut out, mylar inlay and 3d bow

Cut outs day 3

Before the bow

Day 4 3 fingers

Day 4

Gothic almond

My Gothic almond with lace imprinting

French nails acrylic

Day 2, French variations

Stage 2 Kirsty Meakin Class

Kirsty and the Students


Ben on his back

Ben, our smelly companion!

Kirsty Meakin

Kirsty on our last day

Inlaid lace day 3

Inlaid lace

Inlaid lace side view

Side view

Marble and cut outs

Marbling and cut outs. This needs work!

Smile day 5

Smile line on thumb

The nail above is the Dragon nail Kirsty created for me. Fabulous!

Vintage Rose Nail with bling

Vintage Rose Nail with bling

Vintage rose

Vintage Rose Nail with bling. Inlaid 3d roses.

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