Finally – first blog of 2015!

It’s been a while since I updated the blog. Lots has been happening and I have a lot of things to catch up on.

goa-top-imgFirst of all there was Christmas, I flew up to Sunderland to spend it with Dad and friends, leaving Jim at home! I arrived back in Dorset January 31st, squeezed a few clients in before travelling to Eastbourne for a few days ( a few treatments over there!) before leaving for Goa. I’d planned to update the blog from Goa but the WiFi was only in the bars so I was otherwise occupied!  Holiday over now so it’s time to crack on with 2015.

eyebrows into shapeI’m finally settling back in to a routine and getting the site and advertising and promotion work sorted.

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My home studio is just about there now. I have moved things around quite a lot and am finally getting comfortable with the layout of the nail tables and beauty couch, other furniture and storage. I’ve had great fun ordering stock and supplies and can’t wait to have a proper play with some of the new nail art items. I have been approached to teach some nail art which could be good!

I’m in the process of doing an online extra Lash Course, working through home study of new nail art and am planning on booking an advanced nail course in the very near future.

These offers are valid until March 30th 2015.

Offers Mole End Design

More soon as I get things organised!

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