Onestroke Poppies – very popular!

After finishing the cake, it was a pleasure to paint small again. Poppies are always popular and I painted 3 sets in one week. I painted these using Elit Master Paints from Liliya Nigmutallina. These are really dense paints and are specially created for Onestroke and Zhostovo work.  The clients asked for Onestroke Poppies on accent fingers only.

Onestroke poppies 2015

Onestroke Poppies for a trip to Ypres

Fran was off for a family Photoshoot to the Battlefields of Ypres and decided to have early poppies painted. Base coat of Shellac Wildfire and Blackpool with Additives on the middle and pinky finger. Gel over natural nails.

One Stroke Pansies and shellac

Shellac Hot Chillies with Onestroke Pansies

onestroke Poppies on Shellac

Shellac Wildfire with Onestroke Poppies

These nails were for Susie, the florist responsible for the floral display (Susie Edwards Floral Design) and the commissioning of the cake. She decided she’d like poppies on Shellac Hot Chillies on her ring fingers for Part One of the wedding. For Part Two in Azerbaijan Susie asked for Poppies over Wildfire.

onestroke Poppies on gelish

Onestroke Poppies over Shellac Blackpool

The final poppies for the week. Onestroke Poppies painted on Ann’s Ring and Middle finger. Gel polish over natural nails. I really enjoyed doing these nails! I’ve painted a lot of plain nails this month – it’s always a pleasure to get creative!

I’m hoping to have more time in November to practice new designs and techniques, I have a couple of online courses in the pipeline and I’m toying with the idea of airbrushing. A friend is on the case with a compressor winging it’s way to me.  I may be proficient in time for the festive season!

Remembrance Sunday is only 4 weeks away – I wonder if I’m asked to do any more Poppies!

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