It’s Been a While!

I can’t believe the last blog post I did was back in April! Now it’s summer already… according to the calendar at least! Things have been hectic for me. I’ve been on holiday, teaching, petsitting, nursing and of course doing my nails, lashes and brows. I really have neglected all social media.
Facebook reachFacebook reach is appalling and it seems such a waste of time to post on there as no one seems to see it anymore. Other places I post get a much better response so I have let it slip! Find me on:
Twitter: @molenaildesign

I had a lovely holiday in Barbados then it was back to work with a vengeance. Summer had sneaked up on us so suddenly everyone wants to get their fingers and toes fit for summer airing and holidays are looming! Lash and Brow Treatments have been popular for holidays, Lash Lift especially with it’s zero maintenance appeal. Lash Extensions are a must if you want the full on fluttery glamour, with a few coloured lashes added to the outer sweep for the more adventurous.Green lashes Ink disco fever collection

I have new gel colours and effects in for the Summer months, with Cat Eye Effect being most popular at the moment followed closely by pastels. Neons are always great for the beach or even just fine days!

Special Offers

All new Special Offers and Discounts will be emailed out to members of the Special Offers Newsletter Club. Click here to join. I will send a voucher each month to be either printed or downloaded to your phone, just present it to me and receive your discount. Join now and get ready for July Special Offers! I’m off on an advanced Nail Course at the end of July so look out for August Offers incorporating this!

I have a long list of ‘Things To Do’ still, Stationery and Loyalty Cards being top of the list. The website Galleries still need to be sorted out and organised in a way which works.

May-be Time to Treat Yourself!

May-be Treat Time!

May is coming… time to get Summer ready. I’m getting ready for a holiday and as a treat I’m having a little pamper! Exfoliating winter skin away, applying deep treatments to my face, hands, feet, elbows and knees,  polishing finger and toenails, defining my brows, lifting my lashes (as I can’t get to my regular lash lady!) and waxing all necessary areas! This shouldn’t be a May Treat, I should practice what I preach and do it ALL the time!

Holiday Time

I will be away until 13th May then I will be doing extra days to catch up on my return. Join my mailing list to be the first to hear of Special Offers and new treatments and nail goodies! Click here to register Mole End Design Special Offers and receive monthly emails with discounts for you.

April Treatments

April has been a very varied month for nails and lashes. Lash Lift has been very popular as it’s a zero maintenance treatment and adds so much to your lashes. I love doing Lash Extensions but so many ladies have fabulous natural lashes that just need a little lift and tint and get amazing results for 6-8 weeks!  I’ve used coloured lashes this month on some of my extensions, fabulous in the sunshine and when the light catches them! They are very subtle but look amazing.

Cashmere Lashes with a hint of blue on the outers as a treat

Cashmere Lashes with a hint of blue on the outers

Lash Lift Before and After

Lash Lift Before and After

April Nails

Nails designs have been varied this month. It started Dark and Wintry and ended all Springlike (see Spring – Have we missed it?) I’ve taken delivery of lots of new  polishes, Nail Effects, Bling and Glitter, Angel Paper, tools and lots of surprises ready for May. I’ve also attended 2 Online Nail Art Courses – watch this space for the results! I’ve also had Some Ela Loszczyk Training DVDs for my birthday and these look great! I can’t wait to get started. I’ve ordered more materials to complete the new designs, now it’s just a case of waiting for delivery and finding time to do them.

Leopard Print nails for a Bengal Cat Owner

Hand Painted Gold and Black Ombré with Leopard Print to match client’s Bengal Cat

Autism aware nails

Autism Awareness Design Nails

Black with gold chrome smiles

Black with Gold Chrome Smiles

Carley glittery

A bit of animated glitter added via an app! A little experiment.

French with onestroke square

French with One Stroke Flowers

Grey white and silver

Mono Mani – Grey, White and Silver Pigments, Rockstar and diamantés

I79 with one stroke butterflies before

One Stroke Butterflies

Pale blue with fade and chunky glitter

Pale Blue Ombré and chunky glitter

Black Gel Polish with Neon Pigments

Black Gel Polish with Neon Pigments

Pink sparkly with 3d detailing

Pink Sparkly with 3d detailing

Classic Red Polish over Acrylic Enhancements

Classic Red Polish over Acrylic Enhancements

Shellac bare lunulas (half moons)

Shellac bare lunulas (half moons)

Silver and Blue Diagonal Design with Glitter

Silver and Blue Diagonal Design with Glitter

Turquoise and copper nails with filigree stamping

Turquoise and Copper Nails with Filigree stamping

Teal and Grey with Turquoise Rockstar Nails and Diamantes

Teal and Grey with Turquoise Rockstar Nails and Diamantes

Pigment s and purples sidewayd

Purple base with pigments and gold flourishes

Pigments over purples

Neon and Sorbet Pigments for Summer!

Neon and Sorbet pigments for nailsI love these Neon and Sorbet Pigments, they’re so versatile, they lend themselves to so many designs! The Neons are super bright and fluorescent and the Sorbets are a little more subtle with a sheen to them. They are used like additives so can be used for Ombré effects and fades.

On their own or teamed with stamping and a bit of glitter they are amazing. Highly recommended if you like your brights bright – definitely a good choice for the summer months! So vivid and eyecatching, perfect for holidays at home or abroad, or just to brighten up your day.

neon and sorbet swatches

Sixteen colours, 8 Neons and 8 Sorbets on colour pops. The camera does not do them justice. These are so bright and fluorescent.

neon and sorbet pigments in jars

The Neon and Sorbet Collection

Neon Rainbow  toes with Uber Chic Stamping

Neon Rainbow toes with Uber Chic Stamping

These toes were destined for a wedding in Greece. Rainbow pigments blended across all 10 toes with stamped detail over the top. Perfect for Hot climates, these colours really glow in the sunshine and are perfect for summer toes.

Neon Pigment with DRK Enlaced Stamping and Gelish Waterfield for added sparkle

Neon Pigment with DRK Enlaced Stamping and Gelish Waterfield for added sparkle

Hot Pink Pigment with black DRK Enlaced stamping in a random fashion over the top. Embellished with a swish of Gelish Waterfield for an added sparkle, they really catch the eye.


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