More from the Weekend


Natural Nails with Glitter – another angle

Alex arrived with beautifully coloured and sparkly nails with a stamped decal. They were beautiful but unfortunately she cracked one so we decided to fix it. She removed the gel polish from the affected nail, then removed rest and we decided I’d demo one of the techniques she liked on her nails. This is Gelish polish with silver pigment, fine silver glitter burnished onto the base blue, chunky hexagonal glitter sprinkled  and top coat for a final glistening finish.



The Creative Stamper

This stamper is one of the best for transferring images from your stamping plates. It’s soft and sticky and holds an image really well. Images are crisp and clear. This stamper allows you to pick up a larger area of an image, especially good for long or large nails. Works well for decals, an ideal large working surface. It has a white translucent appearance so all colours (including white) can be clearly seen when transferring, aiding positioning.



One Stroke practice

Alex Practicing One Stroke leaves. She’s doing very well and her leaves and flowers are really taking shape. We used various brushes, paints and papers for a wide range of effects. Working from worksheets and demonstration sheets, it’s easy to learn this lovely technique.


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