2015 is up and running!

I’m getting back on track now jet lag is gone! Luckily there’s been a lot of stamping since my holiday as I came back with  jet lag and a cold and I just haven’t been able to get warm. Dorset in January is very different from India…

dinmontThe main website is coming along now, I still have writer’s block wondering what to put on each page. I’ve done it all before and it’s hard starting it over again without using the same phrases. I’m petsitting with my Pawsindoors head on at the moment and taking the dogs home to do nail and lash appointments.

sharpies brows

swatch-maabrI bought a pack of sharpies to have a play with, there are some interesting effects with these. There are a lot of lovely images on Facebook, they give a beautiful marble effect. NOT to be used on eyebrows!  I’ve had a play but I’m away from my kit so cant wait to get back properly on Friday!



These are just some of the Nails and Lashes done so far.  Stamping has been really popular as a quick and simple way of producing stunning effects. Big thanks to Alexandra Woodward for all of her guidance.


Foil over Shellac

Toes with Stamping for Valentines

Toes with Stamping for Valentines


Silver filigree stamped nails


Gel toes with glitter and foil

Shellac Blackpool with stamping

Shellac Blackpool with stamping



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