Hi Brow Nails!

I’ve recently worked with blogger Elaine to do her nails for a Christmas press event with Marks & Spencer. She wanted each nail a different design and wanted a variety of Silver, Black and Deep Purple. Using Gelish and Shellac base colours, I embellished the nails with foils, varying grades of glitter and used matte and gloss effects for a truly unique set of nails.

I’m really quite excited to be doing Elaine’s nails as she has worked with brands including Clinique, Caci, John Lewis and more.

She’s keen to try out brow extensions, with a MyBrowz High Definition Brow Treatment beforehand so is currently growing her brows for optimum effect. Next on her list is Lashes…


Gelish Shellac purple foils with glitter

Gelish Shellac purple foils with glitter, matte, gloss and holograms

Having a Tidy Up!

While setting up the new treatment room I’ve been having a tidy up and found some of my old swatches from the last couple of years. Lots are missing but I’m glad I kept these. I can see how far I’ve came, and also how dated they are and I need to do a whole load more!

The website is coming together, it’s taken a while – I find it easier to create sites for others than for myself. I’ve got writers’ block and there’s still a way to go but I’m heading in the right direction! Best thing I’ve recently done, was to take on a PR and marketing company to promote my business, leaving me free to be available for my clients and creating fresh new bespoke designs.  Hoping to get into the 21st Century and make full use of social media and even networking!

One Stroke, Zhostovo and Handpainted Swatches

One Stroke, Zhostovo and Handpainted Swatches

Acrylics with silver embellishments

Acrylics with silver embellishments


Shellac with multi foils

Gelish with Pearls

Gelish with Pearls


Starburst with sparkle


Gelish, Shellac, Matte, Gloss, Glitter and Foils


Because I am clueless as to what I’m doing and I don’t want to do all of this twice, I’ve updated the galleries on the old blog page so all designs can be seen there. I am living in hope that 2 very good techie people can help me on all of this… Sue and Elaine!

Meanwhile here’s the link to the updated gallery Gallery of Nails

I hate blank  posts so here is a gratuitous shot of Eric again 😉


eric crow tru blood

Eric – True Blood



Brows, Dogs and Poppies!

Almost halfway through November already, soon be time for the Christmas holidays! This site is taking me way too long. I’ve been petsitting, been on a couple of courses, played with a few more brows to test the longevity of them and been stocking up on new supplies and bling ready for Christmas.

Susie came for her Nutty painting last week, I painted nutty on one ring finger and a Remembrance poppy on the other. Toes to match and tailored brows, she was all set for her trip to Nevis. See her blog here http://whodathunkityou.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/day-3/

Enhanced Brows. Individual brow extensions.

Enhanced Brows. Individual brow extensions.

Nutty and Poppy on Susies holiday Nails

Nutty and Poppy on Susies holiday Nails


Nutty and Poppy on Susies holiday Nails, with Nutty in the background on her Ipad


Acrylic Enhancements with simple stamping and needlework


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