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Natural Nails with Glitter – another angle

Alex arrived with beautifully coloured and sparkly nails with a stamped decal. They were beautiful but unfortunately she cracked one so we decided to fix it. She removed the gel polish from the affected nail, then removed rest and we decided I’d demo one of the techniques she liked on her nails. This is Gelish polish with silver pigment, fine silver glitter burnished onto the base blue, chunky hexagonal glitter sprinkled  and top coat for a final glistening finish.



The Creative Stamper

This stamper is one of the best for transferring images from your stamping plates. It’s soft and sticky and holds an image really well. Images are crisp and clear. This stamper allows you to pick up a larger area of an image, especially good for long or large nails. Works well for decals, an ideal large working surface. It has a white translucent appearance so all colours (including white) can be clearly seen when transferring, aiding positioning.



One Stroke practice

Alex Practicing One Stroke leaves. She’s doing very well and her leaves and flowers are really taking shape. We used various brushes, paints and papers for a wide range of effects. Working from worksheets and demonstration sheets, it’s easy to learn this lovely technique.


Catching Up Time

Panoramoc View over Cucklington

View over Cucklington

I’m petsitting in Somerset for 2 days and I am miles from civilisation, minimal phone signal, internet is so slow I can just about access this blog.  I have no Facebook or Twitter so I am actually getting things done! I had a long walk with Rocky this morning, it’s windy and freezing but it blew the cobwebs away.

I’m catching up on photos to upload, but can’t upload them so have popped them on here for now.  I hope to get the first Newsletter at least drafted if not sent out while I’m here so I need to use this time wisely.

I received my WALAD (World Association Of Lash Artistry and Development) Certificate yesterday so can proudly display it on my website and blogs. Absolutely brilliant group, I’m constantly learning new eyelashing techniques

World Association of Lash Artistry and Development Certificate

World Association of Lash Artistry and Development Certificate




A Little Stamping

Shellac Hot Chillies with Azure stamping over 3 nails

Shellac Hot Chillies with Azure stamping over 3 nails

Short nails after IBX treatment with Shellac and stamped with Azure polish over ring and adjacent fingers. Very subtle but catches the light beautifully.

Gelish Starburst with Spring stamping details

Gelish Starburst with Spring stamping details

Acrylic nail extensions with Gelish Starburst and tiny flower stamping details. Perfect for Spring


Tiffany, Foils and Bling

Tiffany coloured nails with foil accents

Tiffany coloured nails with foil accents

Gorgeous colour for holiday nails. These are gel nails with Tiffany style blue and holographic foils on the tips with pearls and diamanté accents for a bit of bling. It’s so hard to reproduce this colour on camera, it’s really beautiful.

Shellac toes with Foil overlay

Shellac toes with foil overlay

These are Shellac Toes with turquoise, lime and aqua foils overlaid then top coated for long lasting chip free holiday toes. These are currently sparkling by the pool in The Gambia.


4 Days Teaching and Training

Swatches created this weekend

Swatches created this weekend

I’ve just had an amazing 4 days with Alexandra Woodward teaching each other lots of new skills and trading ideas. The time just flew by but we got through a lot. Alex arrived around 2pm on Thursday and after unpacking and going through our goodies we set to getting to grips with One Stroke. Then followed 3 days of general playing and learning. We both now have massive shopping and Wish Lists for new brushes, paints, polishes  and glitters (my first order went in last night 😉 )

We covered One Stroke Nail Art, Gel Polish Designs, Glitters, Pigments, Advanced Stamping, Hand painted Decals, Toe Nail Reconstruction, and lots of general nail art playing!

I still have to sort images, we didn’t take many! Friday night we finished around 2am, Saturday we decided we’d better put the brushes and paints away around 1.00am.

Glitter, pigments and hexagon chunky glitter on Gelish

Glitter, pigments and hexagon chunky glitter on Gelish

Alex broke a nail so we decided to fix it, which progressed to a full paint job. We used Gelish over her natural nails then added pigments, fine silver glitter and cobalt blue hexagon glitter. These really sparkle.

I tried out the new Uber Chic Stamping Plates, these are stunning. Alex brought so many varieties of stamping polish we were covered!

My decals weren’t too good but now I have the hang of it I know what to expect so hopefully can create some new nail art before the clients arrive to save time.

Pure Color Nail Art Brushes

Pure Color Nail Art Brushe

Alex will be selling these Pure Color Nail Art brushes, they really are brilliant to use. I’ve had mine for a few months and I can get really fine detailed lines with them. No 10 is the detail brush No 9 is the Striper. Highly recommended. They have a comfortable grip and are not too skinny to hold. I use the Crystal Nails Barbara ll Brush and these are very close to that. You can get whisker thin strokes with both of them.


I’m currently in Somerset until Wednesday and have a seriously limited internet so hopefully it will be enough to upload this! It’s not enough for Facebook so I may even get some work done! I have a few sets of fingers and toes to upload, and then finally finish off my website in between walking dogs, feeding birds and dodging the rain showers.

It’s almost April already!

Gelish with Handpainted pansies ready for Spring

Gelish with Handpainted pansies ready for Spring 

Where has the year gone so far? It’s Spring at last and the days are brighter and already new shoots are bursting through in the garden! As well as these pansies I’ve already been asked for Daffodil Nail Art and spring flowers and I’m booked to do my ladybird again. I love doing these!

The eclipse looking out from Mole End Design Studio

The eclipse looking out from Mole End Design Studio

I wanted to do some eclipse inspired nails on Friday but life just got in the way! It’s another 11 years before the next one – I better start now! I manged to get a few good glimpses in Dorset through the breaks in the clouds.

It’s time to think of Easter nail art designs, and then start thinking of summer ahead. It will soon be time to flash the toes again, are your feet up to scrutiny? Sign up to my Newsletter below and be first to hear of the upcoming Spring Offers. I promise No Spam! Newsletter

I’m looking forward to Thursday when I will start at 4 day one to one girly nailart weekend with Alexandra Woodward. Watch this space to see what we come up with. I predict lots of glitter! We will be doing One Stroke Nail Art, Gel Polish Designs, Stamping, Decals, Foil Effects, Inlaid Gems, and maybe a little Zhostovo if we have time.

WALAD Logo I have ordered some new cashmere ellipse lashes and cant wait to try them. These are super light but give a denser more fluffy glamorous look. Also in stock are superfine 0.07 and 0.10 lashes for a natural looking eyelash extensions, or these can be applied in multiples to each lash for a volume effect.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions

I’m getting lots of tips from continuing my training with the World Association of Lash Artistry and Development, so many techniques and styles! Come and try a Taster Set.

I’m just about to do my own nails, I’ve been a bit overzealous with spring cleaning and weeding and have a casualty so it’s time for a revamp.


Gelish with Gold Stamping accents


Red nails with gold foil accents

Gel2 with foil accents


Mybrowz Eyebrow Treatment

Mybrowz Eyebrow Treatment – Before and After





Loyalty Cards Now Available

Mole End Design Loyalty Card. Discounted prices

Loyalty Cards are now available. Bring your card to each consecutive treatment and have it stamped and receive a 15% discount on your 6th treatment. One stamp per appointment. Discounts apply to all treatments.

Either bring your card with you or I can store them here and automatically apply the discount on your 6th visit.

I’m gradually getting all stationery and admin sorted inbetween buying new stock, trying out new designs, dogwalking  and having a bad cold… not quite man flu!

The mailing list is almost ready for the first mail out. If you’ve missed out join here for Special Offers and discounts.

I’ve got a whole load of new goodies to play with, I can feel spring coming on and need to get designing some suitably Spring like nails!

bling sparkles in all sizes and colours

Diamantés and sparkles in all sizes and colours

Crystal Nails Coloured Acrylic Powders

Crystal Nails Coloured Acrylic Powders

Crystal Nails Giga Pigments

Crystal Nails Giga Pigments. Densely pigmented acrylic powder ideal for either flat or very detaild 3d acrylic work.

Multi coloured and holographic transfer foils

Multi coloured and holographic transfer foils

Glitters in all grades and colours

Glitters in all grades and colours

NSI coloured acrylic powders

NSI coloured acrylic powders




Mothers’ Day is coming!

Mothers’ Day is fast approaching. The ideal time to spoil your Mum or even sister, daughter, niece, nana… I’m offering Gift Vouchers at 10% off the value, so a £10 voucher would cost you £9, £20 would cost £18 and £30 would cost £27. Buy now, these vouchers last 6 months so it’s a good opportunity to stock up now, maybe you need toes and fingers done for a holiday? Birthday coming up?



Mole End Design Gift Vouchers

For Clients past present and future, introduce a friend and receive a 10% discount on your next treatment after your friend has had theirs. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can send, so get busy… you could have a free treatment!
Introduce a Friend to Mole End Design's Treatments and receive a discount

I’m working on Loyalty Cards, get your card stamped each visit and on your 6th visit get 15% discount on your treatment, whether its a nail treatment, lashes or brows.

That’s all for now, keep an eye on the site for more updates! I’m getting there slowly!

Lorraine x

Pro Beauty Show 2015

Pro Beauty 2015I decided to visit Pro Beauty Show 2016 at Excel in London last Monday. First time ever! There were so many stands and products to see and try out, I spent a fortune but enjoyed every minute of it, apart from the Tube journeys across London! I met a colleague at Victoria Train Station and we set off to Excel from there.

I bought lots of new polishes, gels, glitters,  lots of bits and pieces and even some non Nail and Eye related items.  I have been looking at Nail Dust Extraction Units so was interested in the various types. I bought a very basic one to start with, if I get on well with this I will have one built into my desk. I’m creating so much dust and worry about what it’s doing to my lungs so I’m really pleased to have this. It’s quiet and works really well.

Nail Dust extractor

DRK Stamping Plate 

I still haven’t had time to try out my new goodies, I managed to do 24 plain colour pops, now I need to find time to try out my new glitters, pigments, brushes and effects.  Mr DRK Stamping plate arrived this week too, can’t wait to try the lovely patterns on this one, another great lead from Alexandra Woodward. There are so many patterns and images on this plate I need to buy new colour sticks to play with!


Getting the tube back at 5pm was a nightmare, packed on like sardines with all my goodies. The usual signal failure resulted in a rugby scrum atmosphere as commuters tried to get home!

See this pinterest board for a list of exhibitors

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