Marooned without technology!

I’m looking after a beautiful Labrador this weekend who has recently lost his big sister (and is very confused) so he is my constant companion while his parents are away! I’m bringing him with me on appointments. I was hoping to get caught up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc while I am here but they have blocked ALL SOCIAL MEDIA on their router so the only way I can do it is via my mobile which has an appalling signal.

Meanwhile, I will upload to the blog and see if that gets to Facebook… around the houses!

French with gold chrome smiles

French on natural nails with gold chrome smiles and pearl accents and stunning white glitter on accent fingers

Normal service will be resumed Wednesday. Nails, brows and Lashes appointments still being taken.

Rocky Black Labrador

Just off now to do some nails and pick up a brand new commission. I can’t say too much about this yet but it’s a very exciting development!

More soon,

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