Paw Patrol Nails

The Brief

Marshall from Paw Patrol Nails. Anyone who knows me knows I do not do Cute! I had to do minions last year and hated every minute of it. I’ve painted penguins, snowmen, reindeer all under duress.

This time I was sent a picture and asked to create a picture on a lady’s nails for her son’s birthday party. After a quick Google I discovered it was Marshall from Paw Patrol. There’s so much merchandise for this and I had never heard of it!

The Preparation

I figured I really needed to practice on swatches first, glass of wine in hand, Netflix playing Sons Of Anarchy… I was all set! NOT as easy as I first thought! The eyes. So  hard to get them not looking cross-eyed. The position was hard too as I kept making it too far over so his fireman’s hat was hanging off the nail. Eventually I created  these 2.

Pawpatrol swatches for nails with Team Gorgeous Dita Brush


I chose a black and a white gel base for contrast. Painted using acrylic paints and a size 0 brush with details painted using Team Gorgeous Dita brush.

Marshall Design on the Nails

Natalie came in Friday for the actual nails. She decided to have the other nails in the colours of the other Paw Patrol Characters with little paw prints on them.  The end result was very bright and met with her son’s approval. Can’t wait to see the party pictures!

Paw patrol nails with Marshall

Bespoke nail art is always a pleasure, I love a challenge and trying new ideas. I wonder what’s next? I flat out refuse to do minions though!

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