It’s Officially Summer – Get Your Toes out!

Summer Toes

Pastel toes with diamantes square

Pastel Gel Polish on toes with diamantes

We’ve had the longest day, things get shorter from here. Even with all this wet weather you can still have some bling and pretties on your toes! Mine are covered in little crystals to cheer up the cold days. I’m sat here with boots on as my feet are freezing but my toes look fab! Cat Eye Effect has been popular on toes this month but the favourite has been the pastel toes on Carley in the picture on the right. I rebuilt her big toenails as she had dropped a cast iron pan on her foot last year and it’s still growing out!

Mole End Design News

Time’s been short this month, lots of nails, lashes, brows, toes and threading. Monday is day 5 of Holly’s  Gorgeous Nails UK Signature Acrylic Course. She’s doing really well and I have no doubt she will be a great Acrylic Nail Technician. More courses will be coming soon. I’m off on an Educators’ Course later in July so I hope to be bringing fresh skills back to Dorset! For more info email me.

I’ve been playing with 3d acrylic and 3d gel lacework. My favourites are the daisies. Still need lots of practice but it’s lovely to play. It’s always hard to find the time, but I love putting on Netflix and grabbing a glass of wine and having a go! More glitters and sparkly things have arrived and I have loads of ideas, just need to knuckle down and get on with it!

3d practice sheet

3d Acrylic and 3d Gel practice sheet

Ink London with Angel Magpie Glitter

Ink London with Angel Magpie Glitter

Bubblegum pink with diamantes

Bubblegum pink with diamantés

Pigment fade over Acrylic with double stamping

Pigment fade over Acrylic with double stamping Design supplied by client via Pinterest

Cat Eye Effect in Emerald

Cat Eye Effect in Emerald

Cats Eye and Stamping

Cats Eye and Stamping

Cats eye effect nails

Cat Eye Effect

Reverse French Acrylic Overlay turquouse and lilac with swirls

Reverse French Acrylic Overlay turquouse and lilac with swirls – Design supplied by client via Pinterest

Nude Gel Polish over Acrylic Enhancements with Daisies and glitter

Nude Gel Polish over Acrylic Enhancements with Daisies and glitter



Spring is here – Summer is just around the corner!

The Sun is Shining!Spring at Mole End Design

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and is still enjoying the warm weather. The clocks have gone forward, days are getting longer and Spring is here.  Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking of  your summer maintenance! Toes are soon to be in sandals, fingers will be on parade and it’s time to sort those unruly eyebrows and glam up the eyelashes.

Everyone seems to smile more when the sun is shining and it brings out everyone’s desire to start looking towards summer holidays and getting skin, hair and nails ready for warmer days and nights. It’s time for me to think of Summer offers for all treatments! Check out the newsletter for new upcoming offers – Join Here!  Newsletter

stamped-silver-purple-nails - Click to enlarge

My Stamped Birthday Nails

I had a long weekend off with family here for my birthday and we had a lovely (almost nail and lash free!) time. I ran out of time so did my birthday nails with a mixture of Shellac Purple Purple stamped with silver and Gel  11 Metallic Silver stamped with a blend of purple and blue.

Daisy May having a dip in the stream

I’m still juggling my time between petsitting and nails, brows and lashes at Mole End Design. Lots of help from family and friends when it gets tight! Daisy accompanied me yesterday, she slept in her little basket throughout the nail treatments. I finished by lunchtime today so was back in Sherborne by 2pm for another stroll around Sherborne Castle and the stream in Purlieu Field. I hope this weather lasts – I must do my own toes!


Shellac with Additives and handpainted daisies - Click to enlarge

Shellac with Additives and handpainted daisies

Fran was really feeling Spring has sprung so asked for yellow springlike nails this time. After looking through swatches and deciding on combinations, we decided to do daisies on a Limeade base with some blue additives. It was great fun to do them after doing a load of stamping. My stamping is improving though after the masterclass from Alex last week. She really showed me some great techniques and tips.

Gel 11 with stamping form DRK Design Plate - Click to enlarge

Gel 11 with stamping form DRK Design Plate


Uber Chic Plates are Coming!

CK_nail_plate_Collection_01__49589.1418841076.220.290I’ve ordered the Uber Chic Collection Plates as these are fantastic for stamping and they have a large footprint area, great for longer nails. I’ve also just bought some stunning colours to use with them… now I just have to wait til they’re shipped from USA!

Uber Chic has this to say about them:

The designs are 17 x 21mm – the largest single designs we know of in the industry – and are built to cover edge-to-edge even the largest natural nail size. Small nails left out? Never! Our designs are crafted to not be so overwhelming or large that you can’t see what is on your nail – even if it’s tiny! The plates in this collection have coordinating single images down the center, The designs are engraved on the image plates and can be used over and over again – never wearing out. Can you say…decals and stickers stink? They do.

Mybrows – Highly Defined Eyebrows


The stunning difference the Mybrows Treatment makes on blonde brows


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