4 Days Teaching and Training

Swatches created this weekend

Swatches created this weekend

I’ve just had an amazing 4 days with Alexandra Woodward teaching each other lots of new skills and trading ideas. The time just flew by but we got through a lot. Alex arrived around 2pm on Thursday and after unpacking and going through our goodies we set to getting to grips with One Stroke. Then followed 3 days of general playing and learning. We both now have massive shopping and Wish Lists for new brushes, paints, polishes  and glitters (my first order went in last night 😉 )

We covered One Stroke Nail Art, Gel Polish Designs, Glitters, Pigments, Advanced Stamping, Hand painted Decals, Toe Nail Reconstruction, and lots of general nail art playing!

I still have to sort images, we didn’t take many! Friday night we finished around 2am, Saturday we decided we’d better put the brushes and paints away around 1.00am.

Glitter, pigments and hexagon chunky glitter on Gelish

Glitter, pigments and hexagon chunky glitter on Gelish

Alex broke a nail so we decided to fix it, which progressed to a full paint job. We used Gelish over her natural nails then added pigments, fine silver glitter and cobalt blue hexagon glitter. These really sparkle.

I tried out the new Uber Chic Stamping Plates, these are stunning. Alex brought so many varieties of stamping polish we were covered!

My decals weren’t too good but now I have the hang of it I know what to expect so hopefully can create some new nail art before the clients arrive to save time.

Pure Color Nail Art Brushes

Pure Color Nail Art Brushe

Alex will be selling these Pure Color Nail Art brushes, they really are brilliant to use. I’ve had mine for a few months and I can get really fine detailed lines with them. No 10 is the detail brush No 9 is the Striper. Highly recommended. They have a comfortable grip and are not too skinny to hold. I use the Crystal Nails Barbara ll Brush and these are very close to that. You can get whisker thin strokes with both of them.


I’m currently in Somerset until Wednesday and have a seriously limited internet so hopefully it will be enough to upload this! It’s not enough for Facebook so I may even get some work done! I have a few sets of fingers and toes to upload, and then finally finish off my website in between walking dogs, feeding birds and dodging the rain showers.

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