Lash and Brow Tinting

Mole end design Lash and brow tintingWHAT IS EYELASH & EYEBROW TINTING 

Eyelash  and Brow tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes and brows. Eyelash tinting  is done to achieve the look wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily. Using highly pigmented dyes, both top and bottom lashes are tinted. These dyes last up to 4 weeks. Ideal for holidays when you just want to get up and go and not worry about mascara running. I offer a wide range of colours to choose from, you don’t have to go for black if you don’t want to!

Eyebrow tinting achieves the look of darker, fuller eyebrows to give definition to the face. I can create 10 eyebrow colour variations using dense pigment tint colours, I can also lighten the eyebrows and even have a colour such as red or chocolate brown to match your hair if you wish.

Benefits of Tinting

Benefits of an Eyelash Tint: Having your eyelashes regularly tinted can benefit in a number of ways. If you have naturally light lashes and wear mascara, your lashes can sometimes still show at the base. Tinting solves this. Allergy sufferers can ditch the mascara. Tinting your lashes means you wake up looking like you’re already made up. Tinted lashes do not smudge or wash off at night. Ideal for active women and those who spend a lot of time swimming.

Benefits of an Eyebrow Tint: Tinting gives definition to the face making the eyebrows look darker and fuller. Brows can fade especially as you grow older or spend time in the sunshine. No more pencilling in your brows each morning!


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